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Test number 4

Test number 4


Marty Martin Karate - Student Training Material

Beginner Orientation White Belt Level Guidelines


_______________Beginner Orientation______________

White Belt to Yellow Belt


Beginner Orientation


Level Objectives: 


Establish a foundation of “basic skills” which each student will use as the basis of their martial arts training.


Complete Orientation to: 


Warm-ups: Aerobics, Stretching, Body toning


Boxing Skills: Basic punches and simple combinations


Karate Basics: Stances, Blocks, Punches, Kicks, and Steps


Self Defense Techniques: Grab-release skills utilizing basic blocks


Conditioning: Body toning: body weight, power bands, and 

    plyometrics and stretching


Character Development: Oral-recite review


Power Tumbling: Standing Stretches, basic tumbling skills 


Student Objectives:


Complete “orientation” to: 
Proper behavior, rules and responsibilities as a martial artist
Martial Arts “skills” needed for future “Skill Set” development
Use Oral-recite review toward “Character Development”

  Importance of proper warm-up and basics development

Expose student to: 

rules of engagement, use of training equipment and partner drills




_______________Beginner Skills    ______________

White Belt to Yellow Belt


Beginner Skills


Basics of Boxing

Fighting stance or Fighting Horse

Boxing moves

  Jab cross hook uppercut

  Double hammer block and move or follow-up with boxing 

Basics of Karate

Stances: ready, fighting horse, training horse, bow stance


Blocks: Inward, outward, upward, downward


Strikes: karate punch, reverse punch, shuffle punch, lunge punch


Kicks: front kick, roundhouse, crescent kick, outside crescent kick


Steps: cross step, hidden step, “L” step, “V” step


Movement drills: step through, shuffle, side-slide, slide back


Snap Back Blocking

In-out-up-down in fighting stance

Spontaneous combinations 


Basic Standing Jiu Jitsu Skills

Inside wrist lock

Outside wristlock


Basic Grab Release Skills: 

Inward block to front shoulder grab

Outward block to side shoulder grab

Upward block to rear shoulder grab

Downward block straight wrist grab


Beginner Tumbling for “Breakfalls”

Front tumbling roll

Back roll

Martial arts roll


Beginner level kickboxing combinations: 

This is an introduction to kickboxing combinations:

Block – punch or punch block

Kick – punch or punch kick

Block – kick – punch or punch – block - kick

  Kick – block or block – kick

_______________Beginner Drills Development  _____________

White Belt to Yellow Belt


Beginner Orientation to Drills Development


Beginner Boxing Skills

In place platform and introduction to moving

  Shadow boxing

On mitts


  “Double Hammer” then move and strike


Basics of Karate

In place 

Practice each basic section in-group formation

  Practice basics in combinations

Line drills

  Step-through – practice each basic section then in combination

  Slide-up - practice each basic section then in combination


Snap Back Blocking

In place

In ring movement


Basic Grab-Release Skills with partner: 

Front shoulder grab

Side shoulder grab

Rear shoulder grab 

Straight wrist grab


Basic Standing Jiu Jitsu Skills with partner

Inside wrist lock – straight wrist or clothing grab

Outside wristlock – cross wrist grab or clothing grab


In ring movement drills and skills using the Platform “Fighting Stance”

Block Focus Target

Punch Focus Target

Kick Focus Target

Block Kick-Punch Combinations

Front Kick-Reverse Punch

Round Kick-Reverse Punch

Rear Leg Front Kick-Front Leg Round Kick (add punch)






_______________Oral-recite Review__ ____________

White Belt to Yellow Belt 



Character Building Material - Oral Recite Review



Beginner Level


Where Do We Learn Karate?

Marty Martin Karate

What Style Karate Are We Learning?

           Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Karate

Are We Ready To Learn?



Teaching – Students listen while Instructors teach then students do


Who’s Job Is It to Teach?

             “The Teacher”

Who’s Job Is It to Learn?


Who’s Job Is It to Use the Knowledge?



Learning – the process of using new information to make ourselves better


How Do We Learn?  

         We listen to directions. 

How Do We Know?  

          We do. 

How Do We Get Better?

         We practice.


Establish a mental desire to study, set goal, become dedicated to the martial arts.



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