Once again I want to welcome you to Marty Martin Karate. The following information describes what and how my “Fight Skills Package” can improve your skills and ability as a martial artist. Learn how to move from boxing to baton to knife to the ground as the situation dictates. All part of my “fight skills”…

Marty Martin Karate Fight Skills builds your confidence, character and ability using the fundamentals of boxing, stick fighting, knife training, and jiu jitsu combined with the extensive practical use of the rules and principles listed below.  Your goal is to integrate this training into your routines until your responses are spontaneous and you cannot get them wrong. The ever-continuing refinement of your fight skills will develop your awareness, arousal control and mental toughness honed and at the ready.

The mental aspects are just as if not more important than the physical. Continued fight skills training prepares your mind to control your emotions in combat – a perishable skill that needs consistent refinement.

Coach Marty Martin

This following is a general outline students should come to know as the basis of their Fight Skills concepts and are at the heart of your training. This information should be referenced to constantly for top of mind awareness and further study. (This material is further broken down in the Fight Skills Training Manual and Training Section once you join)

Fight Skills weapons, which compliment your training include:

  • Baton (stick fighting)
  • Knife
  • Tactical Handgun (for advanced students)

Fight Skills specialty areas, which compliment your training include:

  • Kickboxing as one advances
  • Stand-up Jiu Jitsu
  • Ground Fighting

Fight Skills are adapted to the situation, as an example Coach Martin will teach you how to put on a headlock then defend the headlock standing. taking down your attacker with a headlock or being taken down and defending a headlock on the ground. It encompasses many possible ways the fight can go.

Fight Skills fundamentals:

1st Order

  •  Awareness
  • Color Code
  • Stages of aggression
  • Use of force response

1st Premise

Platform Theory

  • 5 Rules of Engagement
  • 5 Angles of Attack

Training Stages applied to the 1st premise

  • Verbal deescalation
  • Tackles or attacker charging you
  • Push Series
  • Boxers grab-release series
  • Physical contact

Training Skills involving the use of various martial arts skills:

  • Platform Guard
    Double hammer block
  • Snap-back blocking
  • Punches/strikes
  • Block-punch
  • Kick
  • Kick-punch
  • Weapons application for baton and knife:
    5 angles of attack
  • 5 rules of engagement
  • 5 basic attacks

Stand-up Jiu Jitsu employing:

  • Wrist control series
  • Armbar series

Ground Guard Series (examples but not limited to, there are 50+ drills in the members area with more being added):

  • Going to the ground
  • Proper jiu jitsu get up
  • Rolling guard
  • Framing
  • Shrimping
  • Shrimp skills
  • Up-kick drills
  • Punch Block Series
  • Butterfly Guard sweeps
  • Armbar finishes
  • Choke series


Drills for each of the above skills:



  • Strikes
    Blocking each angle
    Evade and counter each angle
    Block and counter each angle
    Jam, (blitz)

With a partner…

Weapon vs. weapon

  • Strikes
    Blocking each angle
    Evade and counter each angle
    Block and counter each angle
    Jam, (blitz)

Free sparring – boxing, baton, knife, standup and ground 

Develop the attitude – train like you fight – fight like you train

Mental disciplines

  • Stay in the fight
    Soft gaze
    Task focus
    Mental recovery
    sense need to get back in fight and do it
  • Regain focus on fundamentals and do it

Stamina through conditioning

Personal fitness goals

Train past what others do today so you can do what others can’t tomorrow

I am personally excited to bring your martial arts skills to another level as you develop your fight skills, which will compliment any training you may already have.

Coach Marty Martin

Marty Martin Karate

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