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Introduction Drop Elbow Twist and Wrap Around

Wrap Around Applications

Drop Elbow Twist

Blocks as Strikes

Universal Block to Roundhouse Kick

Double Hammers

The Defender

Defender Variation

Defender Variation 2

Fans Direct part 1

Fans Direct part 2

Striking Key

Striking Key Variations

Fans of Kenpo Inside Fan

Fans of Kenpo Outside Fan

Fans of Kenpo Chinese Eclipse

Fans of Kenpo Wings of Iron B

The Whip

Knee Check

Evading the Samurai

Evading Samurai variations

Circling the Moon

Circling the Moon variations

Circling Destruction

Circles of Glass

Charging Bull A

Charging Bull B

Charging Bull C

Charging Bull D

Arnis 5 count drill

Arnis 5 - roof block and v cut

Arnis 5 - blocking with brace and...

Arnis 5 - parry block and...

Arnis 5 - block slash thrust

Arnis 5 - block slash thrust 2

Arnis thrust disarm

Arm Hook

Arm Hook Variations Snap Limb and and Eagle

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