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Video Training

$19.95 per month

Get access to Coach Martin’s training videos. No matter your experience, no matter your background learn defensive tactics that could save your life.  Set up in like type groups of attacks the video series makes your training simple to use and easy to recall. Start with Grab-release sets to include defenses against just about anyway someone can grab you including headlocks, arm locks, chokes and lapel grabs. Learn the Punching Set, Knife Set and defend Two Attackers. In the advanced video section discover even more advanced applications variations of the above listed skill set techniques. Literally hundreds of videos!

Video Training & Lesson Plans

$24.95 per month

Add an extensive “Outline” lesson plan specifically used and developed by Coach Martin to guide your martial arts journey at each level of training. Each outline lesson plan lays out your training goals, provides areas for personal development, study and progression. Many people can feel lost after a few weeks when they train on their own, lose motivation or even quit, not so with the addition of Coach Martin’s outline lesson plans to guide your training at each level.  These outline motivate and stimulate your martial arts journey as you progress through each level of training.

Fight Skills Package

$29.95 per month (coming 2018)

Developed specifically by Coach Martin the Fight Skills package will add boxing skills, baton fighting based on Arnis, knife fighting plus both stand-up and ground jiu jitsu skills to your combative abilities. This includes Coach Martin’s fight stages, standing, take downs and on the ground. This training could be a whole system by itself. Learn more about how Coach Martin can add “Fight Skills” to your martial arts…

Coming 2018

Chose the package that is right for your training needs and experience then join me as your coach on your personal martial arts journey here at Marty Martin Karate. Welcome and enjoy! Coach Marty Martin