I am going to teach you specific techniques based on likely positions and actions that could happen if two people were to attack you. I want you to understand that first this information adds to your skill set knowledge and second at this point in your training you already posses the knowledge to defend yourself you just need to be aware of where attackers may be positioned. You can take any of the techniques you have already learned and apply them in combination to the situations you will be exposed to in this the Two Attackers Set.    Coach Martin

Intermediate Level Training Material


Chopping Bamboo

Attackers are positioned on your right side and behind you. Attacker on the side grabs your shoulder to punch you and attacker behind is going to punch you.

Siege of the Temple

Attackers are in front and behind. striking from the front and grab from behind.

Clinging Vines

Attackers grab your wrist from the side.

Two Pulling Vines

Attackers grab your wrist from the sides in an inside wrist lock.

Spreading Wings C

Attackers grab your shoulders from the side. This is an extended variation of the technique Spreading Wings Lock.

Crashing Surf

Attackers approach on each side of you and you initiate before they can grab you.

Instep Under the Bridge

Attackers approach you from the sides, you instep kick one and takedown the other.

Tying the Knot

Attackers grab your wrist on each side. Use the small circle principle to release and counter grab then learn how to reverse position and bring your attackers together causing confusion on their part.

Shifting Sails

As your attackers come at you learn a series of quick strikes and slice kicks to stop them.

Crescent Shoulder Throw

Attackers are in front and behind you. Crescent kick to deflect a strike from the front and then learn to apply a shoulder throw defending a strike from the attacker behind you.

Behind the Knot

This is a variation of Tying the Knot. This variation instructs what to do if you can’t get the small circle of jiu jitsu to counter grab one of your attackers. Learn how to roll back into that attacker then grab their wrist and clear from behind.

Learn how to strike high and low at the same time with the finger tips strikes of a claw hand strike.

Kung Fu Cross

This technique is unique in that the principle series of strikes, which you will learn to deliver to your second attacker, teach you how to reach across your attackers body to set the striking series and unique neck lock takedown.

Two Man Swinging Gate

This is a variation of Flapping Wing, this variation teaches you how to use wrist control to release and put pressure on your attackers arm such that you throw one attacker into the other.

Two Attackers Review

At this point in your training you should have completed training in the five skill set sets to include: Key Set, Self Defense Set One, Punching Set 1, Knife Set 1 and Two Attackers. In my karate training centers you would move to advanced class prep class where you would complete a through review of the material in preparation for brown belt testing. Upon passing that test you then move to the advanced material where you will learn not only new material but more importantly variations of your skill set material which answer the question of what do I do if this happens. Additional you will even further discover how to interchange parts of the techniques which expands your ability exponentially. Congratulations on completing your skill set level material. Coach Martin