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Coach Martin's Beginner/Intermediate Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Series
(now available with video membership)

Basic Locks and Twists Vol. 1:

Volume 1 covers the five wrist control locks and flexes plus the “draws” for releasing grabs from the most common attempts your opponent may use to grab and control you.  This information emphasizes how joint lock manipulations are used to reverse and release grabs, control your opponent and “lock” their joints so the more they resist the tighter the “lock”. This knowledge gives you the edge; it works on application not strength. Technique description is in depth giving you complete step by step instruction and application.

Areas included: wrist control, basic grip, outside wristlock, inside wristlock, party flex, lifting wrist flex, bent arm wrist flex, draw set intro, push draw, pull draw

Basic Locks and Twists Vol. 2:

Learn how to apply joint lock twists, armlocks and finishing chokes. Many of the moves in the “twists” are the extensions of the “draws”, each set compliments the other. Armlocks are a must. When you get the attackers arm you need to be able to apply armlocks to reverse control of your attacker. And of course this set would not be complete if you didn’t have access to the knowledge of how to “choke” your attacker out. This section teaches you how to properly apply “chokes” from different positions – with this knowledge you can apply a finishing move from more than just behind your attacker.

Areas included: Reverse twist, wrap around, wrap around projection variation, pull twist, push twist, elbow twist, drop elbow twist, circular twist, pinch twist.

Armlock Set: Chop forearm, palm elbow, chop wrap-up, figure four, armbar lock. Choking Set: front choke, rear choke, side choke, cross arm choke, arm triangle choke, single wing.

Practical Application:

After completing the “Basic Locks and Twists” DVD series, Coach Martin shows you numerous ways to use this knowledge in practical application. Learn how to use your moves against both uncontrolled and committed attacks. Learn how to work off Coach Martin’s Key Set blocks – setups for even more effective self defense. Learn more about “setting” chokes from self defense techniques. Coach Martin shows you how to set up a “wrist control” drill that you can vary and practice that forces you to develop spontaneous free flow moving from one wrist control technique to another.

This section includes 17 separate videos demonstrating application of Coach Martin’s Kenpo Jiu Jitsu.

Breakfalls of Karate:

Being able to fall without getting hurt means you’re still in the fight. In today’s world with access to more information on the web and more fight shows on television, everyone has more access to fighting methods. This means that if someone does attack you chances are that at some point they are going to try and take you down – if they do and you don’t know how to fall properly you’re at an immediate disadvantage. Coach Martin’s Breakfalls DVD teaches you the basic principles related to proper body position, when to slap, when to breath and proper head and chin tuck. Back, side and front falling position.

Areas included: Breakfalls back position, seated rollback, rollback variations, standing backfall, forward roll to backfall, standing front roll to bridge, side fall body position, alternating side fall position, kneeling side fall, standing side fall, forward roll to side fall, standing front roll to side fall, front face fall, martial arts roll, martial arts roll from standing position, martial arts roll to standing position, self throws, self throw to back fall, self throw to side fall, straight back fall

Throws, Sweeps and Trips:

You may know the usual ways to takedown your attacker but what about the “Figure Four”, “Throat Throw” or “Cross Arm”? How can you shift your attackers balance using “sweeps” to setup your punches and kicks. Coach Martin teaches you how to protect yourself on the ground by setting up a method of tripping your attacker with the “Rolling Guard”. This is just a small sample of the material you will learn in this DVD. Coach Martin instructions provide an in depth breakdown of 14 different throws, six different sweeps and the unique rolling guard from the ground.

Areas included: Judo toss, figure four throw, sit back throw, reverse throw, firearms carry, upward block throw, outside wristlock throw, neck throw, single hand throw, two-hand throw, hip throw, throat throw, falling arm drag, cross arm throw.

Counters to a Throw: x-block throw, pulling mane, choke reverse, reverse toss.

Sweeping Set: Drop sweep, front leg sweep, inside leg sweep, inside minor sweep, outside minor sweep, kick-out sweep.

Tripping Set: Rolling guard, rolling trip front, rolling trip back, rolling trip straight on, rolling guard from sidekick scissor, reverse the scissor

Coach Martin's Black Belt Sparring Series. (pay a one time fee, get Coach Martin's Beginner Sparring material as a bonus)

Black Belt Sparring One:

Training starts right from the “Critical Distance Line – CDL” and builds. Bryan and Randall show you how to apply the CDL to blitzing, clockwork footwork drills and more. The entire series teaches you how to be the smartest fighter in the ring! Build your skills, timing and confidence all with the goal of helping you win more!

Areas included: CDL, Closing the gap, better blitzing, hand and foot position, clockwork foot position, check distance, what not to do, adding to the blitz drill

Black Belt Sparring Two:

This series explains how important developing a proper chamber is, how fast you can move forward with it and the explosive kicks competitors can develop using it. Learn to disguise which kick is coming with this chamber and use it to set up your blitz attacks. Develop explosive response with the “Touch and go drill” a favorite of Bryan ’s. The 2nd of the five set series this is a must for developing explosive kicking!

Areas Included: Proper kicking chamber, secret to proper chamber, benefits of a high chamber, closing the gap, breakdown of slide and chamber, adding the sidekick, putting it together with the blitz, touch go drill

Black Belt Sparring Three:

Learn how to control the ring, establish proper distance and timing from both the center and outside of the ring. Learn how to recognize the types of fighters you will face and control them to score more points. Learn “fight or flight” and visualization to improve your performance. Learning to control the ring will definitely give you the winning edge!

Areas included: Controlling the center of the ring, fight or flight zone, distance and timing, sparring visualization drill, visualization drill with the kick, more on timing, reverse timing, bringing it all together

Black Belt Sparring Four:

Learn how to use angles and the ring corners when sparring. This is hard to find knowledge and only comes directly from experienced fighters like Bryan . It’s here for you to learn before you take the ring. Randall covers three defensive tactics that are a must for every fighter – it’s not just what you know, it’s how you use it in the ring. Add this to your “ring control” and start winning even more!

Areas included: Angles corners defensive tactics, angles, angles from outside in, angles from inside out, angles and corners, angles from the corners inside in, angles and corners from the outside, angles and corners hands and footwork

Black Belt Sparring Five:

This series brings together what you learned in the previous four. Bryan and Randall show you various set-ups that apply to the concepts from the Black Belt Sparring series. They share from personal experience the types of fighters they have fought and defeated and how they did it. They also show you some of their personal favorite techniques that made them World Champions in NASKA.

Areas included: Control the pace, working the kicker, working the stronger fighter, crowding the line and the stronger fighter, crowding the line and the ridgehand, working the spin kick, working the pump kick, working the blitz, back leg power kick, the ax kick, working the defensive fighter, use your kick to pressure the other fighter, going under the kicking leg

Bonus sparring series when you purchase Coach Martin’s Black Belt Sparring series.

Coach Martin and Randall explain the basic of getting started in sparring. Coach Martin will share many of his sparring drills to get you started on the path to winning.

In Self Defense Training Series

You’ve decided you need to defend yourself, you want to learn to defend yourself, but don’t where to start…the answer is right here… Marty Martin Karate “In Self Defense Video Training Series”. Learn the building blocks of karate. Learn how to use these moves to defend against just about any attack you can think of. Learn how to take moves from one technique and apply them in differing situations. Let Coach Martin guide you through your training, develop and explore your personal growth as a martial artist and as a person. Get access to this video training material by joining Coach Martin’s Level 1 training section for only $14.95 per month.

In Self Defense Beginner Level

Building Block Set One, Key Set and Self Defense Set One. These three sets set the foundation for your “skill set” development.

Key Set

The “Key Set” teaches you the practical application of the moves learned in building block set one for beginning level students. This set developments and explores different responses to straight line attacks, this provides with the opportunity to discover what works best for you. The set is provides the student with the tools needed to respond to a variety of situations which will be learned as your training progresses at the intermediate level of self defense training.

Self Defense Set One

Someone grabs your shirt and gets in your face, an attacker twists your arm behind your back, an assailant grabs you by the throat – they are choking you…“Self Defense Set One” teaches you how to protect yourself against these attacks plus 17 more!!!  Don’t let yourself get beaten up – Learn how to defend yourself!!! Learn step by step what to do with Coach Marty Martin as your personal instructor.

In Self Defense Intermediate Level Skill Sets

Punching Set One, Knife Set One, Two Attackers. These three sets bring your training to the intermediate skill set level.

Punching Set One

You tried your best to talk your way out of a confrontation, suddenly here comes a punch – how will you respond? Learn to use angular footwork, combination kicks, spinning moves, left side combinations, both hard and soft style motion, defend against a more powerful opponent, different directional takedowns, and the use of a lethal “closing” move. “Punching Set One” demonstrates techniques which will provide you with an excellent beginning to defensive actions against just about any type punch an opponent can throw at you!!!

Knife Set One

You are in a convenience store and a knife wielding robber turns their attention toward you…they thrust a knife directly at you…do you freeze or do you evade their knife thrust and throw them onto their back with an outside wristlock throw? Learn to use the “block and counter” principle to control and setup your knife disarms. Learn how to “lock” the opponents arm to control the knife, learn to use joint lock manipulation takedowns and apply your opponents own direction and weight against the attack. This set uses and teaches the principles of Jiu Jitsu and strikes from Kenpo. A great starter set for defending against a weapons attack!!!

Two Attackers Set

Oh *#^* there are two of them! Are they both going to gab and hit you? There’s someone in front of and behind you at the same time, now what? Two assailants grab each of your wrists and try to force you around – how do you get out of these situations? Let Coach Martin teach you how to apply the “small circle” of Jiu Jitsu if they do grab you; learn how to turn one attacker against the other. Learn a simple way to kick one attacker and punch the other at the same time. Learn to protect yourself against more than one attacker – this is the “Two Attackers”.

In Self Defense Advanced Level 1

Self Defense Set Two, Punching Set Two, Knife Set Two. In Coach Martins advanced material learn variations of attacks and responses you learned in the skill sets for beginner and intermediate training.

Self Defense Set Two

What if? You’ve learned some self defense but your asking yourself the “What if” question. What do I do if my attacker doesn’t do exactly what I thought they were going to? What if what I’m doing isn’t working? Well – don’t let the what if get the best of you  – learn variations to many of the attacks and self defense techniques from self defense set one taught by Coach Marty Martin. Plus learn the use of take downs and how to work your opponent on the ground. Learning these variations is a must for building your confidence!

Punching Set Two

What if you find yourself confronted by a bully who just likes to fight? There is always more than one way to get the job done! “Punching Set Two” expands your training at a more advanced level teaching you the use of eight specific “Gung-Fu” traps and twelve additional punching defenses. These moves are a great supplement to any martial artist and especially enhance your timing and hand speed. The traps are a great setup for complimenting your other techniques, setup with a trap and follow-up with what you’ve already learned!

Knife Set Two

You are confronted by an attacker who has a knife…you have learned a solid and basic knowledge of knife defense from “Knife Set One”, now its time to become even more effective! Its time to learn the basic joint locks and twists of Kenpo Jiu Jitsu and the principles of “Arnis” weapons control. This set breakdown is in-depth and goes step by step helping you learn in detail the “how-to” of joint lock manipulation giving you even more control over your knife wielding attacker. Based on the attack types you learned in the first knife set, this one expands your knowledge base even more!!!

In Self Defense Advanced Level 2

Self Defense Set Three, Punching Set Three, Trapping Set, Kicking Defenses. Continue to expand your understanding of technique variations. At this level of training you are becoming very good at martial arts, round off your training by applying Gung Fu traps and defending kicks.

Self Defense Set Three

What if the situation you trained for changes? What if an attacker tries to pull your hair? Pushes you or grabs your shoulder and intends to punch your lights out! “Self Defense Set Three” answers those questions plus teaches you even more options for techniques you have already learned in the In Self Defense Training Series. More options means you can be better prepared for whatever attack you may be confronted with. More options means more ways to defend when the situations change. Being prepared is better than not being ready to defend yourself or your family. Get more – get “Self Defense Set Three”.

Punching Set Three

The more you know – the more options you have. This set provides just that, more knowledge, more information, more options! Directed toward the “Advanced” or Brown Belt level of training this is information you need to achieve the Black Belt. Many of these techniques are rooted in the higher level Kenpo Karate Katas, as such this instructional breakdown guides you to a higher understanding of advanced moves while furthering your skill and knowledge. “You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn more” Coach Marty Martin.

James Thaxton and Edward Flowers teach you various ways to defend against kicks. Coach Martin task James to develop this material as his test for James rank of 4th degree black belt. Not only does this teach you kicking defense it shows you the level of knowledge and ability Coach Martin brings out of his students.