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Video Training Includes: 
In Self Defense Training Series
Beginner Kenpo Jiu Jitsu

$9.95 per month

Get access to Coach Martin’s training videos. No matter your experience, no matter your background learn defensive tactics that could save your life.  Set up in like type groups of attacks the video series makes your training simple to use and easy to recall. Start with Grab-release sets to include defenses against just about anyway someone can grab you including headlocks, arm locks, chokes and lapel grabs. Learn the Punching Set, Knife Set and defend Two Attackers. In the advanced video section discover even more advanced applications variations of the above listed skill set techniques. Literally hundreds of videos!

Video Training & Lesson Plans Includes: 
In Self Defense Training Series plus lesson plan outlines
Beginner Kenpo Jiu Jitsu
Black Belt Sparring

$14.95 per month

Add an extensive “Outline” lesson plan specifically used and developed by Coach Martin to guide your martial arts journey at each level of training. Each outline lesson plan lays out your training goals, provides areas for personal development, study and progression. Many people can feel lost after a few weeks when they train on their own, lose motivation or even quit, not so with the addition of Coach Martin’s outline lesson plans to guide your training at each level.  These outline motivate and stimulate your martial arts journey as you progress through each level of training.

As an additional bonus you get access to Coach Martin’s Black Belt Sparring Series.

Fight Skills Includes: 
Fight Skills Series

$24.95 per month (coming 2018)

Developed specifically by Coach Martin the Fight Skills package will add boxing skills, baton fighting based on Arnis, knife fighting plus both stand-up and ground jiu jitsu skills to your combative abilities. This includes Coach Martin’s fight stages, standing, take downs and on the ground. This training could be a whole system by itself. Learn more about how Coach Martin can add “Fight Skills” to your martial arts…

Coming 2018

Children’s Video Training Includes: 
Children’s Self Defense Video Series
Beginner Kenpo Jiu Jitsu
Beginner Sparring


$9.95 per month

Developed specifically for children this video training is instructed at their level of training. The videos demonstrate step by step the how to of each self defense technique. Instructed by Coach Martin personally your children will learn directly from Coach Martin as he teaches children on the video. It will be as if they were in class with Coach Martin. As an added bonus there are reviews all throughout the course. These review videos demonstrate the moves on a partner so your child can better understand the application. Your child can easily  watch and review what they need to learn for promotion. All the self defense techniques from beginner to black belt are included. You won’t find this depth of information for children anywhere else.


Black Belt Sparring Includes:
Coach Martin’s Beginner Sparring &
Black Belt Sparring Videos

$99.00 one time fee

The information contained in this video series is not only hard to find – this material is tried and proven in the sparring ring. Learn how to get started in the beginner sparring material. Develop a thorough understanding of technique in sparring. Learn to become the smartest person in the ring with Brian and Randall. Overall this is the hard to find concepts which take your sparring too a whole other level. Included are sparring drills you can use with your training partners. Take the techniques Brian and Randall show you and drill, drill, drill. Use this knowledge and experience and see your ability to score more frequently and more often.

FREE Membership Includes:
Coach Martin’s Self Defense &
Sport Karate Sparring Videos


These free videos provide examples of the information you can learn here at Marty Martin Karate. Check back often for new videos. When you are ready to continue your journey join the level of training that’s right for you.

K2 Kardio Kickboxing Includes:
Coach Martin’s “Workout with a Punch”

$10 per month

You build your workout. Chose your warmup, bag drills, weight or toning exercises. Drag and drop into the timeline and push play.

This is truly a unique program. Get started today.

Affiliate Program
(coming in 2018)