Jiu Jitsu Introductory Material for Beginners


Building Block Set One Introduction. Coach Martin outlines what you are going to learn in this building block set one video series.

Stances Introduction

Stances Introduction. Coach Martin outlines the basic stances in this series, ready, training, fighting, bow stance.

Ready Stance

Square Horse or Training Stance

Fighting Horse

Bow Stance

Stance Review

Blocking Introduction

Blocks Introduction. Coach Martin outlines the basic blocks in this series: inward, outward, upward, and downward blocks.

Inward Block

Outward Block

Upward Block

Downward Block

Blocking Review

Punching Introduction

Punching Introduction. Coach Martin outlines the basic punches in this series: karate, reverse, shuffle and lunge punch.

Karate Punch

Reverse Punch

Shuffle Punch

Lunge Punch

Punching Review

Kicking Introduction

Kicking Introduction. Coach Martin outlines the basic kicks in this series: front, roundhouse, crescent and outside crescent kicks.

Front Kick

Stepping Introduction. Coach Martin outlines the basic steps in this series: cross, hidden, “L” and “V” steps.

Now that you have completed the the first building block set of karate basic skills it’s time to move toward putting these moves into action. Your next block of instruction will involve using your basic blocks in beginner level sparring training. Be sure to review the section on “snap-back” blocking to ensure a solid understanding on how to use your basic blocks in combination and responsively when someone is punching at you.

Coach Martin

As you progress with your snap-back blocking training you will probably also want to start using your kicks and punches to put together basic kickboxing combinations. Review the section on suggested beginner combinations so you will have a strong foundation entering your sparring training.

Coach Martin