One thing you can bet on is any fight will probably involve someone trying to punch someone else. If an attacker is determined to get in a fight they will probably just get right to it and this is where this material gets you prepared for the encounter. Many of the moves in this set are first learned in The Key Set and applied here or used as the base of the technique. I have written some suggestions after each video which should give you some insight to the things that make the technique more efficient.    Coach Martin

Right Wild Overhead Swing

Rams Head

The wild overhead swing is just that a wild uncontrolled flailing type strike, uncontrolled is the key word. This type attacker is a brawler not an individual with training. “Drive” into the initial block. Learn to “Snap” the elbow strikes with focus and power.

Left Wild Swing from the Side

Crouching Kat

Your attacker is flailing (wildly swinging their arms) from your right side, your first response is turning to your right and blocking at the same time so as to intercept their left wild swing. Think of your initial block as a striking chop. The eye strike front kick combination is a combined attack on your part.

Right Step-through Punch

Flashing Thong

Lesson: Evade and counter from the outside.

Your attacker commits to the attack by stepping toward you as they throw the right punch; this exposes their right leg for the kicking combination you will learn in this technique. As you learn to use the front kick side kick combination be sure to learn how to pivot on your support leg foot thus avoiding twisting your support leg knee when transitioning from the front kick to the side kick in the kicking combination.

Right Step-through Punch

Driving the Spike

Lesson: Block and counter from the inside

Your attacker commits to the attack by stepping toward you as they throw the right punch; your block puts you on the inside of the attack. This technique teaches you how “driving” into your moves can push your attacker off balance changing the dynamics of the attacker and moving you into a position of control.

Right Punch

Spinning Blades

This technique starts like Siege of the Temple.The principle I teach you in this technique teaches you how spinning builds speed and increase the force behind a strike. I like to use the ridge hand strike in this technique, once you get the spin down you can change the target; strike the collarbone, ribs or groin.

Right – Left Punch Combination

The Axe

I stress using the left side blocks, strikes and kicks in this technique. Much of what we do uses the right side movements this teaches you how to use the left side. In the video I refer to the blocking combinations from kata however the concept is also from my snap-back blocking series which you will also experience in other techniques in this set.

Left – Right Punching Combination

Blinding Sword

This technique is based on the moves from the technique “Fanning the Sword”. Here you will learn how to adjust the blocks to accommodate the left – right punch combination and counter strike down the middle.

Left Punch

Whispering Shuto

Here I teach you how to use the evasion step from “The Samurai” only it’s to the left rather than right side. I teach you how to use the left outward block as a setup for grabbing and controlling the attackers punching arm. You will learn to apply the spreading wings lock inside a technique and use the knee lift to finish your attacker.

Right – Left Punching Combination

Smashing the Gate

This is one of my favorite techniques. We will once again use the snap-back blocking concept. You will learn a sweet striking combination in the body of this technique which you will use again in other techniques.

Right – Left Punching Combination

Dancing Kat

This is the soft style variation of the technique “Smashing the Gate”. You will learn how to use “slap style” blocks, butterflies and the double jump knee lift as a finishing move. As this set of material is in my intermediate level of training material it is time to learn that you can soften up your moves for more speed and mobility.

Right Power Punch


This is the haymaker, that punch where your attacker attacks you with complete abandon and commitment. The fundamental principle in this technique is learning how to deflect your attackers’ power and guide it past you. I also teach you the double chop as a set of strikes; observe how far apart my hands are when I deliver the chops, that’s important for timing. Knee lifts are a great finishing move when your attacker is bent over like the end of this technique.

Left Punch

Whispering Claw

This technique starts the same way as Whispering Shuto. I will teach how to use hyper extension and how to off balance your attacker to setup the Kenpo takedown. Overall this is a simple technique yet complex in its use of karate and jiu jitsu skills.

Right Step-through Punch

Crumbling Statue

This too is one of my favorite techniques and I can say I have used this very technique in real life. The technique itself is based on the opening moves of The Samurai. Pay particular attention to the butterfly step of the technique as the step sets up the takedown. The effectiveness of the takedown is based on the principle of a circle turning inside a circle. If you find the takedown hard to do then something is wrong as this is a very efficient takedown.

Right Punch

Circling Halo

This technique is in the set to encourage thinking outside the norm. As you will discover in the technique dropping down under the punch is not an expected reaction by your attacker. Probably the hardest part of the technique is getting the striking sequence down used to turn the attacker’s leg away from you setting up the chop to the back of their knee breaking their balance. Make sure you get that section down correctly.

Right Punch

The Eagle

At the very start of this technique as soon as you grab your attackers punch pull them into the elbow strikes. To properly setup the reverse neck crank press your elbow back across their jaw which turns the head and leads into the lock. Note: be extremely careful as this neck crank is extremely effective.

Punching Set Review

I encourage you to watch the Punching Set Review video as often as you like. Watching during your learning and training will help with your recall of the techniques. As you progress going back and watching the material will reveal details you may not have picked up on when learning the material.