Learn what to do if the attack isn’t exactly like the one you learned in self defense set 1 skill set material. This set is full of grab-release variations, this set answers your questions about “what to do if…”    Coach Martin

Advanced Level One Video Training


Understanding Variations

A must for every technique

Overhead strike

Cocking the Bow

Use the bow stance for power, learn how proper pivot applies power to your strikes.

Side shoulder grab

Eagles Grasp

This side shoulder grab doesn’t allow for you to apply what you learned in Striking Key. Learn to step in front of your attacker and apply your counter sequence of moves and apply a sweep takedown.

Front kick on knee

Sacred Spike

From the kneeling position your attacker kicks at you. You can’t use the x-block counter, learn to smother deflect and counter the kick.

Lapel or collar grab

Burning Cinders

In this variation your attacker pulls you into them negating your ability to pin their hands and step away as in Flapping Wing.

Side shoulder grab

Key to the Sword

A variation of Striking Key, here you can not kick, learn to clear and chop similar to Sharpening the Blade.

Rear shoulder grab

Ox Cart

Variation of rear shoulder grab. In this setup learn to hyper-extend your attackers elbows then setup and use the “cross arm” throw.

Front kick kneeling position

Sacred Sacrifice

Learn how to clear the kicking line and counter rear kick from a kneeling position.

Overhead or speed chop

Crossing Swords

This counter sequence to an overhead or speed chop teaches you to counter kick your attackers back side leg to break their balance, shift their weight with a “yoke” arm bar and use a throat throw takedown.

Wild swing from the front

Hoofs of Death

Learn how to finish your attacker on the ground with the series of body kicks. Learn to use an ankle hook and elbow body strike takedown to get your attacker to the ground.

Side shoulder grab

Releasing the Eagle

In this variation your attacker straight arms you pushing on your shoulder thus allowing you to apply the key strike combinations from Striking Key in your skill set. Then it changes your attacker prepares to strike so you counter with spreading wings release, your attacker tries to punch you in your side – you counter by grabbing their striking wrist and use a judo hip toss takedown.

Tackle or attempted takedown

Charging Bull B

This variation shows you how to counter an attacker who gets past your counter kick and gets their arm around your waist. The elbow strike to the spine will drop your attacker straight to the ground. This was demonstrated on the TV show “Deadliest Warrior” when the host was struck in the back with this same elbow by a Kajukenbo fighter.

Missed tackle attempt

Charging Bull C

In this variation you hidden step moving out of the direct path of your attacker. You still counter kick to slow your attacker and as you side step you strike the attackers neck and then side kick their outside leg to buckle their knee causing them to go to the ground.

Rear arm lock

Twisted Wing B

As in your skill set you step back into your attacker execute a rear elbow strike but when you attempt to counter grab their wrist – you can’t. The attacker grabbed your wrist in a thumb up position preventing the counter grab. You learn to cross step and punch out.

Rear arm lock

Twisted Wing C

Everything is working in Twisted Wing A skill set variation until you go to apply the arm bar and you can’t. Don’t fight it, don’t try to over power your attacker – front kick their knee and then front their body.

Rear arm lock

Twisted Wing D

You step back execute the rear elbow strike and counter grab the attackers wrist – you go to cross step and you can’t. Step back into your attacker maintaining your counter wrist lock your free arm executes a spreading wing lock to tie up your attackers arms, then learn how to spin them around for a knee lift.

Rear shoulder grab

Descending Arrow B

This technique teaches you a series of coordinated hand strikes you could employee over just the clearing elbow move learned in the skill set base technique Descending Arrow.

Rear shoulder grab

Descending Arrow C

If during the clearing elbow of the base technique you “catch” the attackers arm under your elbow move then learn to counter elbow strike up and claw down.

Rear shoulder grab

Descending Arrow D

If you knock your attackers elbow across or away from you when clearing in the base variation of Descending Arrow then learn to counter elbow strike across and back similar to the elbow striking combination learned in The Eagle.

Lapel grab

Flapping Wing C

This variation is faster to employ than the A variation, that being said this technique is also more aggressive than the A variation, you might use this one if the level of response calls for a higher level of response. Reminder when defending one self your response should be guided by the action of “of a reasonable man”.

Lapel grab

Flapping Wing D

In this lapel grab scenario the base technique teaches you to step back, what if you can’t do that and set the initial upward block strike to your attackers elbow. then pin the hands chamber your right hand high and smash down on your attackers nose to start the figure eight combination instructed in this variation.

Lapel grab

Flapping Wing E

This variation offers a true standup jiu jitsu option to control your attacker with the “drop elbow twist”.

Right punch or grab

Falling Tree

Your attacker isn’t messing around they are aggressive they are committed they aren’t boxing and you need to take them to the ground right now. Learn how to check their strike down and take the attacker down with a “cloths line”. This technique is fast and effective.

Right thrusting move

Locking the Arrow A

Parry and move directly into wrap around wrist lock,  reverse direction and takedown your attacker. Once on the ground learn how to apply an elbow choke across your attackers throat.

Left thrusting move

Locking the Arrow B

The lesson in this technique is you can use the same defensive moves against more than one specific attack.

Handshake gone bad

Broken Honor B

This defense starts the same as the A variation however you cannot spin you attacker after the elbow hyper extension. This variation teaches you what to do when that happens.

Full nelson

Tangled Wings C

If you can’t shin rake or stomp your attackers legs you can prevent their locking the hold in and counter elbow strike.

Double wrist grab

Lobsters Claws B

If you aren’t able to release your attackers grip with the double outward block as in the A variation, learn how to use your karate punch chamber position to loosen the grip and then strike out breaking free and counter striking.

Double wrist grab

Lobsters Claws C

Learn how starting pressure in one direction will usually cause your attacker to resist against that pressure. When this happens go with it and over power your attacker.

Rear two hand choke

Escape of the Lamb B

Adding a move to moves you already know adds depth to your skill set.

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