Baton Stick Fighting From Arnis Overview

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Baton Techniques and Concepts


The baton stick fighting from Arnis skills you will learn in this course are based on the concepts and principles of Arnis (the art of Pilipino stick fighting). I have streamlined this first block of instruction making the material easy to remember and effective to use. I think you will find the way I am showing you how to use the baton can be intigrated into martial skills you already know. As a major bonus you will find the majority of this material applies to use of the knife. As you learn more about my combat tactics you will see how important it is to be able to use the baton in martial arts. Welcome to Block One: Building the House

This course is divided into two sections for Block One. In the first section I will show you the basic moves I use with a single baton. In the second section I will get into single stick with a partner. Below I have a further breakdown of the material in each course section of block one.

Enter Baton Stick Fighting based on the principles of Arnis (Pilipino Stick Fighting)
Baton Stick Fighting From Arnis.
The following is an outline of the course.

How to:

Hold the Baton

Twirl the Baton:

From the end: Forward/Backwards/Horizontal (Umbrellas)

Abinico (Fan) pattern:

Small circle

Large circle

From the middle



Passing :

in front (chest pass)

behind the elbow

Give and take Drills:

Six count Block and counter-strike drill

Abinico Strikes:

Right hand                                                      Left hand

Vertical                                                           Vertical

Horizontal                                                      Horizontal

Oblique                                                           Oblique

Combinations thereof                                  Combinations thereof

Three count high and low drill (single baton; right or left hand)

Block and add Abinico (add each direction):

Roof block then Abinico

Blocking with a Brace then Abinico

Power blocks then Abinico

Introduction to De-ca-dina:

Basic hand pattern

Basic baton pattern

Right hand vs. even number strike

Left hand vs. odd number strike

Quadrant Blocking Concept:

Name quadrants

Block and Roll


Baton Disarms:







Baton and empty hand

Empty hand


Block and tap 12 angles

Block and tap with basic blocks:


Blocking With a Brace

Power Blocks

Sinawali Singles:

Standard pattern

Right hand vs. right hand

Left hand vs. left hand

Right hand vs. left hand

Left hand vs. right hand

“V” Cuts:

Right hand

Left hand

Against twelve angles

Add thrust against even strikes

Butt end thrust follow-up against odd strikes

Free flow against random attacks

Baton Example Videos.

Baton Passing

Baton Roof Blocks

Power Block and Counter

Sinawali Singles High/Low Drill

Disarm #2

Block and Counter Practical Application

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