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Enter Marty Martin Fight Skills Overview
Black Belt Sparring Sport Karate
Enter Baton Stick Fighting based on the principles of Arnis (Pilipino Stick Fighting)
K2 Kardio Kickboxing Workout
Kenpo Self Defense Technique Training
Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Joint Locks, Chokes and Throws
Enter Jiu Jitsu Fundamentals Overview
Kenpo Children's In Self Defense
Enter MMK Tactical

I am excited to add my firearms certification training to my programs. Information and contact for classes can be found at MMK Tactical. Coach Martin

Enter MMK Tactical

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Want to know more about my martial arts online learning programs? Select any of the areas above, click on the picture. You will be taken to an overview page. There you will discover written descriptions and video examples of that program. Watch the video clips taken directly from the course material. Please watch any or all my program overviews. Discover how extensive your training with me can be. Add this material to your personal training library. Enjoy you martial arts online learning journey with me as your personal coach. Coach Martin


Legal Protection for Any Martial Artist

Protect yourself and your family with Legal Protection. The financial expense incurred from defending yourself in court can cost thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars. I personally have legal protection through the USCCA. This legal protection is for more than just concealed carry. Find out more…just click the image below.

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Marty Martin Karate Explained

You may be asking what are skill sets, building blocks, self defense sets, or grab-arts? How and where do I start my martial arts journey? What are the differences between the beginner level, intermediate level and advanced material?

As your coach I want you to have the answers to all these question before you join. Further, I want you to know about how my learning process works. To better understand the program, you will find the answers by clicking the “Read more”.

Coach Martin’s Fight Skills

Developed specifically by me, Coach Martin, you will discover how to use the same techniques standing, as a takedown and grappling on the ground. Collectively, this will teach you a “triple threat response”.

By adding boxing skills, baton fighting and Arnis knife techniques you will further refine your “fight skills”. Part of your training will be to learn my fight stages. This training could be a whole system by itself. Explore more about how to add “Fight Skills” to your martial arts by watching the fight s skills overview above.

Adding Jiu Jitsu

My programs are very much hands on, I teach practical application using partners . Participants drill/spar/fight with each other. I want students to have a clear understanding of the attack and the defense. How do I accomplish that? By practicing “hands on”.

Whatever your background is, be it standup, practicing karate or grappling, the integration jiu jitsu for self defense will increase your confidence. This “Jiu Jitsu experience” ¬†will further build your experience.