Fight Skills 1 Course Overview

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-Fight Skills 1 Course-

Fight Skills 1 Course.

“Fight Skills” are my courses of instruction focusing on how to use my triple threat responses.

Each course has an underlying theme. Each theme has a different set of triple threat response moves.

Each course theme will teach you how to apply the themes triple threat response moves standing, throwing and on the ground.

Each course may include defending different attacks, jiu jitsu technique breakdowns and weapons applications.

Each course contains multiple instructional videos, most courses will have 40+ videos. Training two videos per week that’s 20 weeks of training. When you practice amping up and force-on-force for four more weeks you have 6 months training. Thats a lot of martial arts material for the cost of your investment. 

So, what is the “triple threat response option which is at the core of Fight Skills;
  • The concept is simple – I’m going to show you three different ways to respond to an attack. If one of those ways doesn’t work pick another.
  • I am going to show you how you can use the same response standing, throwing and on the ground!
  • And you will see many responses can be used not just standing but for throwing and on the ground.

My “Fight Skills” courses will show you how you can integrate weapons, boxing, kenpo and jiu jitsu within your responses. You will learn how to move from standing to a throw and then on the ground using triple threat options.

Once you understand the concept of the triple threat response you can apply it to skills and techniques you already know. You can blend the material into your system of instruction or of course use it as it is. It’s your option.

So, what makes this so effective;
  • If one of the options doesn’t work flow into another one. If that doesn’t work flow into the third option – hence the triple threat response.
  • Under stress and against force these moves are effective because they are based on angle and leverage.
How do I know when to use each option;
  • As part of your response option development, I instruct and show you possible “triggers” which guide your decision to use that option. This information is normally something you learn on your own through experience.
How do I learn to use the material;
  • Develop Your Responses by crawl, walk, run.
    • Learn Solid Fundamentals. Start at a controlled learning pace, learn to properly apply the moves.
    • Learn Failure Points. After you get the moves down you start to amp up the force so you can learn failure points. These failure points are critical to your learning when what you are doing isn’t working and cue you to use an option for that situation. Remembering these cues from failed experiences become the “triggers” which tell you when to use certain options.
    • Force-on-force. Move to “force on force” when your have a strong development of the triple threat response.  Force-on-force is when your partner is no longer cooperative. It is also when you learn a true sense of effective application. When you fail, repeat the process, correcting your points of failure, this is when you learn to survive.

By learning this way you are programing your triple threat response learning to feel, sense and intuitively respond to the attack as the attack changes.

You will discover many of the Fight Skills triple threat responses work against weapons attacks both standing and on the ground.

The following outlines what videos to expect instruction on in Fight Skills 1 – 49 videos.

Lesson 1 Samurai Triple Threat Response 

  • Kenpo Technique “Evading the Samurai”
  • Introduction to the Samurai Triple Threat
  • Samurai Arm Triangle
  • Samurai Rear Naked Choke
  • Samurai Guillotine
  • Samurai Review: Arm triangle, rear naked choke, guillotine

Lesson 2 Samurai Triple Threat Takedowns

  • Arm Triangle Takedown
  • Rear Naked Choke Takedown
  • Guillotine Pull Guard
  • Arm Triangle, Rear Naked Choke, Guillotine Takedown Review
  • Bonus Takedown, Kickout Sweep

Lesson 3 Samurai Triple Threat on the Ground

  • Introduction to Samurai on the ground
  • Samurai Arm Triangle
  • Samurai Rear Naked Choke
  • Samurai Guillotine
  • Review Samurai Arm Triangle, Rear Naked Choke and Guillotine on ground

Lesson 4 Hockey Player Fight

  • Spreading Wings Lock
  • Failure to Knee Strike
  • Failure to Guillotine
  • Failure to Bearhug Counter
  • Triple Threat Response Review 
  • Bonus: Kenpo Technique “Spreading Wings Lock”

Lesson 5 Spreading Wings Lock Takedowns

  • Arm Control Takedown
  • Guillotine Pull Guard

Lesson 6 Spreading Wings Lock on the Ground

  • Spreading Wings Application on the Ground Intro
  • Spreading Wings Cross Collar Choke on Ground 
  • Spreading Wings to Triangle on Ground
  • Spreading Wings Triangle Bonus Angles
  • Spreading Wings to Omoplata
  • Spreading Wings to Omoplata Bonus Angles

Lesson 7 Guillotine Triple Threat Response

  • Guillotine Application
  • Guillotine Pull Guard
  • Guillotine Application on Ground
  • Standing Guillotine Defense
  • Guillotine Defense of Ground

Lesson 8 Rear Naked Choke and Defenses

  • RNC Application
  • RNC Phone Call Defense
  • RNC Overarm Release Defense
  • RNC Closeup Arm-over
  • RNC on Ground
  • RNC Closeup Application on the Ground
  • RNC Defenses on Ground

Lesson 9 Defending the Sucker Punch

  • Sucker Punch Standing
  • Sucker Punch Takedown
  • Sucker Punch on Ground – Stage 1
  • Sucker Punch Up Close on Ground

Lesson 10 Saving Private Ryan

  • Saving Private Ryan Intro
  • Bracing from the Samurai
  • Saving Private Ryan

Example of “Triple Threat Response Options” Fight Skills. Here is the theme “Samurai Triple Threat” lesson 1 review.

Samurai Triple Threat – Arm Triangle, Rear Naked Choke, Guillotine

Example of Samurai theme triple threat responses you learned standing, now instructed on the ground.

Samurai On the Ground – Arm Triangle

Samurai on the Ground – Rear Naked Choke

Samurai on the Ground – Guillotine

Example of how you can develop fighting combinations by using the theme triple threat response options for your amped up of force-on-force training.

Samurai Fight Skills Combined development drill example.