Fight Skills 2 Course Overview

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-Fight Skills 2 Course-

In this Fight Skills 2 course we will continue and expand on the triple threat principle. We will learn some variations of the material covered in Fight Skills 1. By doing so you will have the added advantage of a diverse skill set base based on the same core foundation. I will say this course material is effective without having the benefit of the what I covered in FS 1.

In the “Crumbling Statue” and “Flashing Thong” techniques, you will see both start with the “step, fan and block” combination of the fight skills 1 technique “Samurai”. So why the variation you might ask. The short answer is to expand your capability within a proven response.

In Crumbling Statue, we turn (or if the attacker turns away) we work from behind them. In Flashing Thong you will learn to add a solid kicking response which offers another way to attack the base.

Additionally, we are going to learn more about how to finish your attacker with them being face down. This allows us to finish and quickly move away and/or be prepared to engage additional attackers.

Before we finish this course, I am going to show you how to defend the “Headlock” in a self defense situation both from standing and on the ground.

I have included a bonus lesson at the end of the course, I share with you my “Standing Belt Turn” technique.

The following outlines what videos to expect instruction on in Fight Skills 2 – 48 videos.

Lesson 1 – Crumbling Statue Standing – 
(strikes to kidneys then control rear collar then …)

  • Intro 
  • Crumbling Statue (Base Kenpo Technique)
  • Apply RNC      
  • Rear chin and collar choke    
  • Rear Ezekiel and collar choke 

Lesson 2 – Crumbling Statue Takedowns – 

  • Intro
  • Rear double hand collar takedown
  • Bo sweep takedown (Holding the Waist)
  • Rear jiu jitsu takedown
  • Bonus Takedown, Kickout Sweep

Lesson 3 – Crumbling Statue On Ground – 
Note: Rear Collar Takedown to Opponent on Stomach

  • Hoofs of Death       
  • Mount on back to RNC
    Pull up on collar
    Strike back to get opponent to rise up
  • Bo sweep takedown to side-control
        …to arm triangle on ground
        …to sliding arm bar from modified side control
        …to back take 
  • Bonus: Defense Against Bo sweep takedown to side control

Lesson 4 – Flashing Thong Kicking Option –

Flashing Thong (triple kick then apply triple threat)

  •  Intro    
  •  Flashing Thong (Base Kenpo Technique)
  • Kick & Apply Guillotine                     
  • Kick & Apply Collar Guillotine                   
  •  Kick & Cross Collar Choke                

Lesson 5 Spreading Wings Release Standing –

  • Spreading Wings Release Intro
  • Spreading Wings to Counter Strikes
  • Spreading Wings to Standing Shoulder Arm Bar
  • Spreading Wings to Kimura

Lesson 6 Spreading Wings Release Takedowns –

  • Spreading Wings Release Takedowns Intro
  • Spreading Wings to Hip Toss
  • Spreading Wings to Body Fold
  • Spreading Wings to Pull Guard (double arm hook)

Lesson 7 Spreading Wings Release on the Ground – 

  • Spreading Wings Application on the Ground Intro
  • Spreading Wings Cross Collar Choke on Ground 
  • Spreading Wings to Triangle on Ground
  • Spreading Wings Triangle Bonus Angles
  • Spreading Wings to Omoplata
  • Spreading Wings to Omoplata Bonus Angles

Lesson 8 – Front Headlock Standing – 

  • Intro
  • Head-up counter step 1
  • Head-up counter step 2

Lesson 9 – Front Headlock Takedown –

  • Under leg lift and drop

Lesson 10 – Headlock on the Ground –

  • Standard defense Intro
  • Headlock Scissors Escape
  • Scissors Escape Failure
  • Scissors Escape Failure part 2
  • Bonus: Reverse Sweep

Lesson 11 – Standing Belt Turn –

  • Variations from arm across waistline belt turn
  • Belt Turn to Cross Collar and Ezekiel Choke
  • Rear Belt Body Turn to Rear chin and collar choke
  • Belt Turn to Rear Naked Choke

Example of “Crumbling Statue” Fight Skills Takedowns.

Crumbling Statue Triple Threat – Bo Sweep Kneeling to Side Control.

Example of Spreading Wings Release theme triple threat responses.

Spreading Wings Release – Kimura 

Example of “Headlock on Ground” responses.

Headlock on the Ground – Scissor Escape

Standing Belt Turn.

Belt Turn to Rear Naked Choke.