Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Overview

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In this my Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Beginner material, I am going to instruct 5 distinct and separate volumes of instruction which will cover the following areas described below. Just imagine how much more effective your martial arts skill will become adding this material to your skill set.

Learn joint locks and twists, armlocks and finishing chokes just to start. I am going to teach you how to fall properly within the “breakfalls” volume. In the “throwing’ volume, add the ability to take your opponent to the ground using unique throws. Develop the skills to counter those throwing techniques.

In the third volume, practical application, I will demonstrate how to integrate the material in volumes 1 & 2.  Learn all this hard to find standup jiu jitsu technique that is often overlooked and underrated. Use my Kenpo Jiu Jitsu teachings to further your martial arts ability.


Basic Locks and Twists Volume 1

Volume 1 covers the 5 wrist control locks and flexes. Additionally, learn 11 draws used for releasing the most common grabs your opponent may use to try and control you.

All these jiu jitsu techniques emphasize how joint lock manipulation is used to reverse and release grabs. You control your opponent and “lock” their joints so the more they resist the tighter the “lock”. This knowledge gives you an edge; it works on application not strength. Each technique description is in depth giving you complete step by step instruction and application.


Basic Locks and Twists Volume 2

Learn how to further apply joint lock twists plus armlocks and finishing chokes. Many of the moves in the “twists” are the extensions of the “draws”. Each “set” compliments the other.

Armlocks are a must. Armlocks are great interim control method and can be stable transition position leading to a higher level of response if needed. When you control the attackers arm you need to be able to apply armlocks to reverse the actions of your attacker.

And of course, this set would not be complete if you didn’t have access to the knowledge of how to “choke” your attacker out. This section teaches you how to properly apply “chokes” from different positions – with this knowledge you can apply a finishing move from more than just behind your attacker.


Practical Application

After completing the “Basic Locks and Twists” Volumes 1 &2 series, I am going to show you numerous ways to use this information through practical application. I will demonstrate how to use these moves against both uncontrolled and committed attacks.

I will demonstrate how to work off my Kenpo Set Karate “Key Set” blocks. The idea here is you can use my blocks or integrate your own. either way discover how these locks, twists, draws etc. can be integrated within your martial arts style.

I want you to learn more about “setting” chokes from self-defense techniques situations. Learn how the chokes in this volume can assist ending the fight.

As and added bonus I am going to show you how to set up a “wrist control” drill that you can vary. This will become a practice drill that assists you in developing spontaneous free flow movement. Moving from one wrist control technique to another makes for a smooth jiu jitsu application and integration.



Have you heard the expression all fights end up on the ground? Well then, learn how to fall properly thus minimizing your risk of injury. If you get hurt impacting the ground or during a takedown you have just reduced your ability to protect yourself. By learning to use proper breakfalls techniques, not getting injured, means you’re still in the fight.

In the “breakfalls” volume, I am going to literally teach you from the ground up. The breakfalls videos are sub-divided into sections instructing you how to fall ‘backwards”, on your “side” and to the “front”. You will start from a sitting, then kneeling, then standing and then from the position of a “self-throw”.

You will learn the acronym “T.I.G.E.R.” This will outline the principles related to the underlying actions you will execute during the course of each fall. This acronym is a mental aide. Collectively, this process will develop your overall physical skill while developing your confidence slowly yet progressively.


 Takedowns, Throws and Trips

So, if you understand that the rate of injury in a fall is high, then it stands to reason that if you know how to throw your attacker you may have just given yourself the advantage needed to survive the fight.

You may know the more common judo or jiu jitsu takedowns your attacker may use but what about the “Figure Four”, “Throat Throw” or “Cross Arm”? Do you know how to shift your attackers balance using “sweeps” ? After watching the sweeps/trips section you will.

As a special section toward the end of this training material I am going to give you another bonus. I am going to teach you how to protect yourself on the ground by setting up a method of tripping your attacker with the “Rolling Guard”. This is just a small sample of the material you will learn in this set.

In conclusion, these throws, sweeps and trips can be applied directly or in conjunction with other self-defense movements. As an example, you may use a sweep to shift your opponent’s balance to one foot and then use a throw to take them to the ground.

My instructions will provide an in-depth breakdown of 14 different throws, seven different sweeps and the unique rolling guard from the ground.

Kenpo Jiu Jitsu Standup Example Videos.

Basic Locks and Twists Volume 1

Inside Wrist-lock

Pull Draw

Basic Locks and Twists Volume 2

Wrap-around Twist

Figure-four Armlock

Chicken Wing Choke

Practical Application – Locks and Twists

Example of integration of locks and twists from Kenpo moves

Bonus – Wrist lock control flow drill

Throws, Sweeps and Trips

Reverse Toss – defending against being thrown

Kick-out Sweep – kick the leg to setup takedowns

Rolling Trip – defending from the “Rolling Guard”


Side-fall Body Position

Self Throw to Side-fall