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Welcome to my In Self Defense Overview. This is my most extensive video training series to date, there are 245 videos in this course. I focus on grabs, strikes, knife attacks and more than one attacker in the In Self Defense Course. This material covers beginner through advanced training levels. I believe in this material, it took me years to develop and refine. This material has withstood the test of time as I have instructed literally hundred’s of students these very techniques.

I have organized the material into “Sets” which in my opinion makes for faster retention. These self-defense technique sets stand on there own or can be integrated into your existing martial art. Collectively they provide a solid overall self defense system.

The first five sets establish your “skill set” foundation techniques, beginner and intermediate. These sets are Building Block Set 1, Self Defense Set 1, Punching Set 1, Knife Set 1, Kicking Defenses 1, and Two Attackers.

The second five sets instruct variations of the skill set foundation techniques. Having variations answer the what if questions students have as they learn and develop a better understanding of this material. Here are the sets in the advanced level. Self Defense Set 2, Punching Set 2, Knife Set 2, Kicking Defenses 2, Self Defense Set 3 and Punching Set 3.

Introductory Building Block Set 1

Building Block Set 1

You’ve decided you need to defend yourself, you want to learn to defend yourself, but don’t where to start…the answer is right here… Building Block Set 1 establishes the foundation for stances, blocks, strikes, kicks and steps for beginners.

Blocking Review – a recap of the 4 basic blocks

Kicking Review – a recap of the 4 basic kicks

Beginner Level Sets

Key Set

The “Key Set” establishes the foundational use and application of blocking, striking and kicking combinations for beginners. This set developments and explores the basic responses to various types of straight line attacks from various directions, this keeps it simple and relatable at this level of learning. Developed just for beginning level martial art students these techniques provide you with the tools needed to respond in a variety of situations and prepare you for the next level of self defense technique training.

Broken Hourglass – learn to hyper-extend elbow

Sacred Chopsticks – defend a kick from kneel

Self Defense Set 1

Someone grabs your shirt and gets in your face, an attacker twists your arm behind your back, an assailant grabs you by the throat – they are choking you…“Self Defense Set One” teaches you how to protect yourself against these attacks plus more!!!  

“Self Defense Set One” covers 20 basic “grab art” defenses. Defend against; two hand grabs, single and two hand chokes, bear hugs, headlock, a full nelson, a tackle, a two hand push, shoulder grabs from the front, side and rear, three different wrist grabs, an arm lock, and even the handshake. Learn to use a “block” as a “clearing” move or “striking” action in the “opening” moves of your techniques. The “body” of each technique demonstrates how to use the counter striking actions of Kenpo Set Karate.

Releasing the Vice – defend headlock

Flapping Wing – defend lapel grab

Intermediate Level Sets

Punching Set 1

You tried your best to talk your way out of a confrontation, suddenly here comes a punch – how will you respond? How many ways can someone throw a punch or punches at you? Let me teach you what to do. “Punching Set One” teaches you to use angular footwork, combination kicks, spinning moves, left side combinations, both hard and soft style motion, deflect a more powerful opponent, different directional takedowns, and the use of a lethal “closing” move. Collectively, the techniques in this set will provide you with an excellent beginning to defensive actions against just about any punch an opponent can throw at you!!!

Smashing the Gate – defending the 1-2 punch, setup neck crank

Whispering Claw – deflect and control left punch then Kenpo takedown

Knife Set 1

You are in a convenience store and a knife wielding robber turns their attention toward you…they thrust a knife directly at you…do you freeze or do you evade their knife thrust and throw them onto their back with an outside wristlock throw? “Knife Set One” covers twenty techniques against stabs, the slash and back-slash, thrusts and the gutting attack. Learn to use the “block and counter” principle to control and setup your knife disarms. Learn how to “lock” the opponents arm to control the knife, learn to use “joint lock manipulation” takedowns and apply your opponents own direction and weight against the attack. This set uses and teaches the principles of Kenpo and Jiu Jitsu. A great starter set for defending against a weapons attack!!! Learn step by step with me, Coach Martin, as your personal instructor.

Double Blades – defend knife slash

Falling Blade A. – overhead attack

Kicking Defenses 1

James Thaxton and Edward Flowers teach you various ways to defend against kicks. I personally task James to develop this material as his test for James rank of 4th degree black belt. Not only does this teach you kicking defense it shows you the level of knowledge and ability I coach my students to achieve.

Defend basic front, side, roundhouse and spin kicks as-well-as kick punch combinations.

Defend the Front Kick

Defend the Kick Punch

Two Attacker Set

Oh *#^* there are two of them! Are they both going to gab and hit you? There’s someone in front of and behind you at the same time, now what? Two assailants grab each of your wrists and try to force you around – how do you get out of these situations?

The “Two Attackers Set” teaches you how to quickly asses the situation and respond. The techniques in this set are each unique in and of themselves however many of the techniques use parts of other Kenpo Set techniques teaching you how to adapt the knowledge you already have to multiple attackers. I am going to show you how to turn one attacker against the other. I am going to teach you how to apply the “small circle” of Jiu Jitsu as-well-as your Kenpo kicks and strikes to complete your techniques!!!


Shifting Sails – emphasizing hand speed and angular kicks

Clinging Vines – combine wrist release, wrist control and kicking

Advanced Level Sets

Self Defense Set 2

What if? You’ve learned some self defense but now your asking yourself the “What if” questions. What do I do if my attacker doesn’t do exactly what I thought they were going to? What if what I’m doing isn’t working? Well – don’t let the what if get the best of you  – I going to teach you variations to many of the attacks and self defense techniques from self defense set one. Plus learn the use of takedowns and how to work your opponent on the ground. Learning these variations is a must for building your confidence!


Eagles Grasp – defend shoulder grab

Twisted Wing C – defend rear arm lock

Punching Set 2

There is always more than one way to get the job done! “Punching Set Two” expands your training at a more advanced level. I am going to teach you the use of eight specific “Gung-Fu” traps and twelve additional punching defenses. These moves are a great supplement to any martial artist and especially enhance your timing and hand speed. The traps are a great setup for complimenting your other techniques, setup with a trap and follow-up with what you’ve already learned!

Slapping the Spike – learn quick slaps to setup strikes

Falling Bridge – example of a trapping technique from my “Gun Fu” traps

Knife Set 2

You are confronted by an attacker who has a knife…you have learned a solid and basic knowledge of knife defense from “Knife Set One”, now its time to become even more effective! Its time to use the basic joint locks and twists of Kenpo Jiu Jitsu and the principles of “Arnis” weapons control. The Knife Set 2  breakdown is in-depth and goes step by step helping you learn in detail the “how-to application” of joint lock manipulation giving you even more control over your knife wielding attacker. Based on the attack types you learned in Knife Set 1, Knife Set 2 expands your knowledge base with Jiu Jitsu, Arnis and Kenpo.

Outside upside-down “C” – evade knife thrust 

Falling Rain – block, roll and throw

Kicking Defenses 2

As I have stated several times, the advanced material in this series contains variations of the skill set techniques in the beginner and intermediate sets. James and Edward are going to teach variations to many of the techniques you should have already learned.

James has a bonus for you! He is going to teach you how to defend kicks with a belt. Belt defensive use is hard to find information. I personally teach this to my black belts and now James shares his use of the belt defending kicks.

Defend Right Roundhouse Kick 2

Defend Kick Punch Combination Variation 

Self Defense Set 3

What if the situation you trained for changes? What if an attacker tries to pull your hair? Pushes you or grabs your shoulder and intends to punch your lights out! “Self Defense Set 3” answers those questions plus teaches you even more options for techniques you have already learned in the Self Defense Training Series. More options means you can be better prepared for whatever attack you may be confronted with. More options means more ways to defend when the situations change. Being prepared is better than not being ready to defend yourself or your family. Get more – get “Self Defense Set Three”.

“Self Defense Set Three” completes your training in the “grab arts” of Kenpo Set Karate at the advanced level. Many of these techniques are also used in the soft style Kata’s of Kenpo Set. Several techniques are expanded answering the “what if” question. This set compliments the techniques of pervious sets in your training to the Black Belt level in Kenpo Set Karate.  A must for testing!

Wounded Paws – variations

Hand of the Dragon – variations

Punching Set 3

The more you know – the more options you have. Punching Set 3 provides just that, more knowledge, more information, more options! Directed toward the “Advanced” or Brown Belt level of training this is information you need to achieve the Black Belt. Many of these techniques are rooted in the higher level Kenpo Karate Kata’s, as such this instructional breakdown guides you to a higher understanding of advanced moves while furthering your skill and knowledge. “You don’t know what you don’t know until you learn more” Coach Marty Martin.

Whirlpool – Check and arm triangle 

Wings of Iron – learn to use elbow strikes

In Self Defense, once again, is my most extensive course of self defense material within Marty Martin Karate. From beginner to black belt, this course includes what you need to achieve the level of black belt.

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