K2 Kardio Kickboxing Overview

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Understanding the K2 Workout Page

Chose to build your own or use one of my personally edited workouts.

Typically, a K2 workout will include a warmup, a body toning, a bag routine, a weight routine and a cooldown.

When you chose to build your own routine, you use the included player tray with a “drop clip here” drag and drop feature. You chose the workout clips that fit your goal for the workout, drag and drop them in the player tray. Once you have the compiled your workout, click play and follow along. On one day you may do more bag training, another day weight and toning, the flexibility is you chose what works for you.

If you’re in a hurry you can chose a completed workout and follow along.

Either way you have a huge selection of possible combinations. This is just one of the many ways K2 Kardio Kickboxing can assist you in getting fit and keeping fit.

View an example of how the “drag and drop” build your own workout for my K2 Kardio Kickboxing program works. Just click on the image. 

K2 Kickboxing Example Player

 Understanding Coach Martin’s K2 Training Philosophy

 There are two fundamental ideas that all participants need to keep at the forefront of their training.

Frist, the essence and intensity of the workout should be controlled so that your metabolism is revved up, not worn out.

Second, do not work out so hard you don’t want to train again (get burned out). The ideology here is for your mental psyche to want to work out again, want another K2 training session!

Develop your conditioning so that you build up the intensity of the workout to peak in such a manner as to make your workout feel GREAT!!!!

At the heart of K2, kardio kickboxing, are workout routines that improve your cardiovascular system, increase your flexibility and body toning all in one workout!  First, you increase your flexibility using a stretching routine during the warmup and cool down.  Second, you work your cardiovascular system doing timed drills and by being in motion for the entire workout.  Third, use weights to tone specific muscle groups, punch and kick kickboxing bags to improve your overall body conditioning, the incorporation of martial arts kicks will work your hips and leg muscles.  Specialized resistance training routines condition and improve your muscular level of fitness.  By combining all these exercises together, the range of activities in the K2 provides you with the best of stretching, weights, plymetrics, boxing and martial arts exercises all in one great conditioning program!

The most important part is your commitment to get in shape. That means train-work out and stick to it.  You need to be consistent; you should workout at least three times per week completing no less than three 30-minute sessions per week.  You control the intensity level, the harder you work, the more you can get out of K2! Just remember the goal is to feel great.

K2 Kardio Kickboxing Workout Example Videos.

K2 Warmup

K2 Bag Routine

K2 Bag Routine

K2 Body Toning

K2 Body Toning

K2 Weight Toning

K2 Weight Toning

K2 Cooldown

K2 Cooldown